Oily Water & Waste Water Treatment

Liquid-Liquid Hydro-Cyclone
We can supply oil field deoiler cyclones to separate oil from produced water. This system has no moving part and can accept high oil ppm in feed water. The cyclone outlet could have less than 50 PPM oil content.

Desander Cyclone
If the feed water contains large amount of solid particles in association, we can separate the solids using desander cyclone prior to later processes. This can prevent the system from clogging in filters also would avoid erosion.

Sand Management Systems
The oily sand can be washed and dried in our sand management system before disposal.

Double Media Filters:
To polish the remaining oil and solid particle after a first stage deoiling process, we use our double media filters including one carbon media and several sand media. Our filters can eliminate the water up to below 25 ppm oil content.
Nutshel Filters:
The natural walnut shell is milled to appropriate size and used in Nutshell filters for oily water polishing. The outlet could have less than 25 ppm oil in water concentration.

Induced Gas Flotation (IGF):
We use our IGF flotation technology as a secondary separation process usually downstream a gravitational separation stage. With very small gas bubbles flotation, we can float oil and skim it with a very short required resistance time.
Compact Flotation Units (CFU):
We use a combined cyclonic and flotation method to compact the system and shorten the residence time for very low space demands such as platforms.

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