Following Nuvo Pignone technology, we can build same or better quality and efficiency. We can cover all range of requirements in oil and gas and petrochemical industries.

H2 recycle
In Oil refineries and petrochemical project there are several processes and reactions to be progressed under hydrogen pressure. This pressure usually is produced by centrifugal compressors. We can supply these compressors with many practical references in China. We have already commissioned and started up a very successful sample of this compressor in Lavan island refinery (Persian Gulf, Iran) in new gasoline production unit.
This compressor is continuously under operation since May 2013.

Propane refrigeration for NGL and gas refineries
To storage propane and butane they must be liquefied in the gas refineries. The liquefaction is carried out through a refrigeration process in a cycle. We can provide the refrigeration compressor with many successful experience lists.

Propane BOG compressors
To liquefy the propane vapor out of the atmospheric propane storage tanks, they must be pressurized before being chilled. We have many good references in this field.

Crack gas compressors for olefin plants
In any olefin plant there is a cracked gas compressors usually compresses the ethylene is several stages each before a stage of a reaction. Cracked gas is mainly ethylene.

Propylene ethylene refrigeration compressor for olefin plants
To storage the propylene and ethylene, also as a refrigeration fluid, we can supply the propylene and ethylene refrigeration compressors in olefin plants.

Ammonia Plant Process Air compressor
We could supply refrigeration compressors used for Urea and Ammonia plants.

Gas gathering, Gas lift and Gas injection compressors
In oil and gas production fields, there is a need of gas gathering, gas lift and gas injection compressors as well as gas transfer after treatment. We could supply any oil and gas field compressor with a very rich experience.

CO2 compressor for Urea plants
Ethylene refrigeration compressors for olefin plants
Ammonia plant refrigeration compressor
LNG Plant gas compressor
Methanol Syngas compressor
Natural gas transfer compressor