Message from CEO

How much value can an enterprise create for its clients & employees as well as the society? This would depend on three important variables: strength, ambition and platform.
When matching with other variables, sustainable strength, bigger ambitions and broader platform can create more value for an enterprise.
We stick to mutual benefit and win-win principles to create a promising future with clients. Persia Petro Gas enjoys advantages in management, market and its brand name at present, which help it accumulate great energy. But if we want to convert this potential energy into actual value, we shall depend on the guiding of farsighted policy and a broader development platform.

Basing on the above idea, we try to push forward the reformation of management system, capital running system and internationalized strategies and gradually began comprehensive transition towards development and have achieved remarkable results in innovation.

We believe our “Technical”; “Commercial” and “Management System” capabilities based on valuable “Human Capital” are advantages which drive sustainable success and keeping our customers satisfied. We sincerely appreciate those who care and support the development of PPG.

Throughout the past years, to provide better services to our clients we have developed different divisions within the company including Engineering, Manufacturing Supervision, Start-up and after sales Services.
We will continue our joint efforts to increase our clients’ satisfaction and to introduce new technologies and products to the Iranian market.

Amir H. Bazzaz,
CEO & Chairman, Persia Petro Gas

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